must have

been made

by the Gods

to tell humans

they don’t have to

see them to believe

consciousness exists beyond

mortal perceptions of the truth

about the world they live in and what

they need to do to survive and flourish

in a harsh environment where death is as real

as every breath they draw and every seed they plant

to appease their hunger, and after sating themselves, which

they traded to fortify their home and hearth and that fulfilled,

eye their neighbors’ land with envy for they want more and

they proceeded to wage war and earned trouble in return, a

conflict that fed on itself and took a life of its own until

they could no longer control it and it claimed and

ravaged every thing they grew, leaving an earth as

dry as the wastelands of their hearts that yearned

for respite and with nowhere to go offered a

silent prayer to the Gods for relief

and redemption.


All rights reserved.


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