We sat on the couch and dug into the chips
Just feet apart but a world of difference
Sitting between us like a giant egg.

When was the last time I asked how you were?
I couldn’t remember, just as when you last
Noted my eyes still crossed when I’m tired.

How years and goatees have grown since
The day we stole peanuts from school and
In fright escaped as guards shot at us.

My arm still bears the scar you etched
One summer when we fought like warriors
Over filial attention and yard territory.

Memories may fail, even wither; time may
Create gulfs between what you hold dear
And what I’ll die for.

But the blood coursing through our veins are one;
And lest we forget, our fates entwined as
twins’ umbilical cords at birth.

All rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “Brethren

  1. did i already mention you’re brilliant? :)

    and thank you for sharing (as if naa kay choice noh?)

    btw, nice pic, too. made it yourself?

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