Lament of the Modern Slave

What one billion carry and a billion more abhor
Is the price civilization has to pay.
But why oh why does it have to be in me,
A poor man, hapless in stature and pride?

Like a rabid dog it gnaws my insides
Insatiable as lust, intractable as fear.
If these were heaven’s lashes, have pity on me
Oh deity of Ronald McDonald and company.

I’ve walked the mill and such contraptions,
Starved the animal on gruel and caffeine.
Yet the stronger it grows day upon dreadful day
Until I give up, relenting to its desires.

I loathe myself as the fit scorn at me,
Deducing my being from the width of my waist.
My will is torn, my body no help either
As it consoles itself with sucrose and salt.

I dread the dawn when the beast arises
To take me, lonely, to an early grave.
But for now I tremble in sweet delight
As succulent pork to my lips take flight.

I am but human.

All rights reserved.


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