Night in

Alone, I watch the frames whisk by
Ennui inviting me to dine with her again.
Do I have a choice? I turn to the humid room.
None, the fan blades tell me as they spin blindly.

I look at her again, she’s telling a different story this time.
Of two men galloping across Napa on a search for meaning.
What is love? What is truth? What is beauty?
When do dreams take the form of reality?

I miss the cake, coffee, and effervescent talk
Shared with friends through nights of awakened hopes.
Oh, how we giggled and snickered and argued
Of the good and ugly, the right and easy.

Yet my feet won’t move now, my brain unsure
Of where to run on a restless night.
Alas, my companion’s showing me the credits
Telling of a fight that’s over until the next moon.

All rights reserved.


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