i am telling myself not to be jaded
just because the world doesn’t see
how pure things are between you and me

i hold my head high even as i feel my feet
sinking in the sands of uncertain times
because i know you are within me

your smile i put on my eyes as the sharks
masquerading as dolphins encircle me
waiting for the perfect kill

i shall not fear no matter how fates can
be sometimes so cruel, how man
can often be crude and vile

for in you i see the truth budding
like a rose in the cusp of a morning
redeeming and eternal.


Saturday morning

Bury me in your sweet embrace
Forever if you want
Roll with me in langour
Forget about the waiting hours.

Breathe this reprieve new life
So I may yearn for none man can give
Stir not my soul
Hush the beating of this heart.

I have no need for you sunshine
I banish thee to lands far away
Leave me flying high
In Neverland’s skies.


See me for what I see you
Let me go, now
That the sky has lightened
With relief after the storm.

Hold yourself while I take
That first step out your door
And leave the stories you
wove dying on the floor.

No I won’t ask for relief.
The fading light will help me
Bear the toll on my shoulders
The ache in my sinews.

My eyes will never
Look back to touch your face again
Nor my hands reach out to give
You their world.

I have no strength left for you
Only the numbness of a stranger
Disappearing in the gloam
Swallowed by shadows.

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I grope for the wallet that’s slipping
Away from my grasp
With every passing minute.

How many have despaired at their
Weakness yet relished the
Rush the new bring?

I’ll feel better, look nicer, live longer
After this, I mutter
To assuage the guilt.

The temporal rules when it
Comes to the aisles of gleaming
Churches of human want.

Beauty is skin deep no matter
How convincing the wise are
When they admonish.

For even them, I believe, sometimes
Found an exception to the rule.
Just as I always have.

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must have

been made

by the Gods

to tell humans

they don’t have to

see them to believe

consciousness exists beyond

mortal perceptions of the truth

about the world they live in and what

they need to do to survive and flourish

in a harsh environment where death is as real

as every breath they draw and every seed they plant

to appease their hunger, and after sating themselves, which

they traded to fortify their home and hearth and that fulfilled,

eye their neighbors’ land with envy for they want more and

they proceeded to wage war and earned trouble in return, a

conflict that fed on itself and took a life of its own until

they could no longer control it and it claimed and

ravaged every thing they grew, leaving an earth as

dry as the wastelands of their hearts that yearned

for respite and with nowhere to go offered a

silent prayer to the Gods for relief

and redemption.


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We sat on the couch and dug into the chips
Just feet apart but a world of difference
Sitting between us like a giant egg.

When was the last time I asked how you were?
I couldn’t remember, just as when you last
Noted my eyes still crossed when I’m tired.

How years and goatees have grown since
The day we stole peanuts from school and
In fright escaped as guards shot at us.

My arm still bears the scar you etched
One summer when we fought like warriors
Over filial attention and yard territory.

Memories may fail, even wither; time may
Create gulfs between what you hold dear
And what I’ll die for.

But the blood coursing through our veins are one;
And lest we forget, our fates entwined as
twins’ umbilical cords at birth.

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Walk of the Stars

I saw Sharon Stone today
Under my feet she lay
Stripped of pretensions
Giving me a catty grin.

Cage has just set in concrete
His hands crying out to be freed
Of the dirt and dust
His oglers showered him.

Ah, there’s Spielberg asleep
On this most famous of sidewalks.
Director of fate no more
But mortal dreams’ purveyor.

Ali’s fists are dyed in the wall
They’ll never reach Frazier now
Or me grinning for the cam,
A flash in a sea of faces.

Cry not my fair Drew
For a life in the spotlight you wanted.
And after the crowds leave tonight
Peace in the shadows.

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